D&D 5E News Week 08 2018 - Introducing Kids to D&D!!!!

February 21, 2018

This Weeks’ Metagaming moments D&D 5E News. Where to get four FREE D&D 5E Adventures.  In addition, how to get your kids playing D&D.  Next, Rumors about a new Planescape Book!  What’s more, we tell you to get your tickets to GenCOn now.  This is based on the brisk pace of GenCON sales.  People may trash it for being too big and crowded, but people are still flocking to GenCON! Plus, Merric Blackman on how to keep your adventure on schedule.  Moreover, a great 5e Random Character Generator. Equally, two new D&D 5E Adventure League Adventures. Furthermore, there are two kickstarters including Dan Haas’s latest Dimgaard offering.  Also,  One podcast by Christopher & Shawn on Down With D&D on Initiative and modes of Play. Plus, we cover the latest Tome Show about Sexual Harassment an important topic we need to talk about to improve the environment so we can grow our community.  We we tell you about two blogs. One great blog on reading published adventures by Mike Shea. The second one is for Grayhawk enthusiasts.

Links in Show Notes:

How to Introduce Your Kid to Dungeons & Dragons

Gen Con tickets selling at record pace, on course for sellout

D&D 5e Random Character Generator

What is up with Dungeon + There has not been a new issue since December.

Another possible Planescape Hint?

Merric Blackman on DMing on a Time Crunch

More FREE Adventures

A nerdy Madison tech startup wants to make it easier to play D&D

Roll for Guild

Hirelings and Henchmen

Community Spotlight: Jay Elmore on Bringing Convention Games to the Next Level



Creatures of Vathis: Volume One (D&D 5e & Pathfinder)

Dimgaard Vol. XXVI - DnD Adventures

The site which has free Dimgaard sample adventures


New Adventures on DMs Guild:

DDAL07-09 Unusual Opposition (5e)

DDAL07-10 Fire, Ash, and Ruin (5e)



Down With D&D: Initiative and Modes of Play

Sexual Harassment and the Gaming Community (Tome 295)




SLY Flourish:Reading Published Adventures

Grayhawkery: World of Greyhawk Largest Cities




Common Ground Gives Extra Life Event



D&D 5E News Week 07 2018 - Drizzt is Back!

February 14, 2018
  1. R. A. Salvador is back with Drizzt novel, Timeless.  Third Party Publisher Arcana Games Publishes “Game of Thrones” Style  D&D 5E Adventure Path with FREE Quick Play Rules available for download.  This month’s Unearth Archana on Exploration Pillar of 5E play. Plus, there are two kickstarters that are blowing up by notable authors Mike Shea and Matt Colville. Wrapping up you are told about four conventions coming up in the New York Area, New England, two in the south, and Canada


Links in Show Notes:

Comic book/wwg reported: Publisher Releases 'Game of Thrones' Style Campaign Compatible with Dungeons and Dragons

Download the PDF at DrivethruRPG

Download Quickstart Rules for FREE

The Old Spice Gentleman Class

First announced by Comic book/wwg


Strongholds & Streaming


DM David: Do Dungeons & Dragons Players Hate Linear Adventures? Not When DMs Avoid Two Pitfalls

Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master

There is a free PDF preview



Total Confusion 32



Deadwinter Day 2018



D&D 5E News Week 06 201 - Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

February 7, 2018

New Book Release Announced!! Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. Spurs speculation about possible Grayhawk or Planescape products. In Addition, we tell you about a great new article on building your Adventure League Community. Plus, You are informed about a video about 10 alternatives to starting your D&D game in a tavern.   Also, this episode introduces you to a great podcast about reskinning monsters. Moreover, you can find out about a kickstarter for a book containing 100 D&D 5E encounters. Likewise, 37 rules interpretations from Jerimy Crawford from Twitter..Finaly we announce two conventions in Minnesota and Los Angeles coming up.

Link in the Show Notes:

Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

Nathan Stewart’s Fireside Chat Friday 02 February with Mike Mearls, they announce Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes:

Mike Mearls, Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes on D&D Beyond YouTube

Dragon Talk Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes with Greg Tito, Shelly Mazzenoble, Kate Irwin and Jeremy Crqawford on Twich

EN World posting


DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Evil at Baldur’s Gate arrives this April

Nerdarchy: 10 Ways to NOT Start in a D&D Tavern- Game Master Tips


Limitless Encounters 2 - 100 DnD5e encounters

Report on  Comicbook/wwg - February 3, 2018

Everything we know about Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes.



DwD&D#134 – Logos on the DMs Guild



Orccon 2018

Con of the North


D&D 5E News Week 05 2018 - A Little Bit of Everything; Pre-order B2 Keep on Borderland, Adventure League Revolution in Mulmaster.

February 1, 2018

This week how to preorder D&D 5E conversion of B2: The Keep on the Borderlands. Plus, we tell you about Tome of Beasts on Roll 20!  Alsso, New D&D unpainted Miniatures from W!zkids of Adventurer’s Camp.  In addition, there is an update on the Power Gaming By Consensus Fighter, we choose a race and now are looking at ability value array.  In addition I review some blogs including one by +BRANDES STODDARD.  An other blog we look at is a review by Bryce Lynch on the Tenfootpole.com blog.  Then again I look at Adventure League Revolution in Mulmaster.   Next Episode of power Gaming by Consensus, The Fighter.  Then, Podcasts including Wayne Brekke and his son Alex Brekke on D&D5e Podcast Episode 20 Dwarves. Finaly, this is done in 58 minutes.

Links in the Show Notes:

Preorder Goodman Games Original Adventures Reincarnated #1: Into the Borderlands

Tome of Beasts Comes to Roll20!


ADVENTURE lEAGUE: Roleplay, Roleplay, Roleplay!

DM's Guild No Longer Allows Creator Logos On Product Covers

New Dungeons & Dragons Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures Adventurer's Camp

Changing Your Game with Social Interactions in Dungeons & Dragons

Is D&D Too Focused on Combat?

Power Gaming by Consensus


Curse of the Lost Memories - Dungeons & Dragons & Pathfinder

Comet over Echo Rock, a 5th edition adventure level 2-4



ADVENTURE lEAGUE: Roleplay, Roleplay, Roleplay!

DM DAVID: The Fun Thing D&D Players Love that No One Mentions and that the Game Almost Lost

TenFootPole.com:(5e) The Halls of Runehammer

DMs Guild: The Halls of Runehammer



DwD&D#133 – New Player's

DnD5e Podcast Episode 20 - Dwarves!


Table Top Babble: 057 - Sydney from Encounter Roleplay on Storytelling


D&D 5E News Week 04 2018 - DM Background Checks & Mike Mearls Tweet, “Your Fired”

January 24, 2018

New Wizards Play Network Terms & Conditions require background checks.  We tell you about the  new D&D Designer. New Survey on Three New Unearthed Arcana Subclasses.  Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated are now Available for Preorder. Also explored is Mike Mearls’ controversial Tweet, “Your Fired.”  Also included is the price of Into the Borderlands. A story explaining the D&D Revival. In addition, we review three podcasts including Zack, Kat, Vince & Sal’s POCKET MIMIC PODCAST AFTER DARK #19 – GEM COATED.  Also, we review James Intracasao’s Tome Show: Review of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (Tome 294). Plus, 15 rules interpretations from twitter. Also Shawn Merwin and Christopher Snezack’s Down with D&D’s Strategy Game or Story Engine

Links in show notes:

Background checks required for store organizers & DMs in Adventure Adventure League

Retailer Post: Unfunded Mandates (Tradecraft)

reddit thread on the background checks policy

Kate Welch is WotC's New D&D Designer


Mike Mearls Tweets,”Hey guys! You’re all fired from D&D. Find another game.”

Is planescape book coming This year?

Mike Mearls: Running a Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated Are Available for Preorder on Amazon.com

Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated on IMGUR showing what is in the boxes

Dungeon & Dragons’ revival helped by simpler rules, storytelling

MSRp Announced for Into the Borderlands.

New Adventurers League Adventures on Dungeon Masters Guild:


CCC-BLD 01-03 Bleeding Gate: Lineage




Ultimate NPCs: Warfare for 5th Edition

The Folio #18 & #19, 1E & 5E Adventures

Dimgaard Vol. XXV - 5e DnD Adventures

On the Shoulders of Heroes - Reborn

The Hidden Halls of Hazakor



Geek Dad: More One-Shot ‘D&D’ Adventures for Fifth Edition

Alphastream: D&D Minis Bring Annihilation to Life

Mike Mearls Wants You To Be Prepared

Mike Mearls latest video on D&D Beyond for first Time Players.




Tome Show: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (Tome 294)

DwD&D #132 – Strategy Game or Story Engine


D&D 5E News Week 03 2018 - FREE Adventure League Certification for Extra Life Awards/B2 Keep on the Borderlands 5E Conversion

January 17, 2018

B2 Keep on the Borderlands 5E Conversion Update from Goodman Games.          Magic the Gathering Crossover IXALAN Setting and FREE IXALAN adventure X Marks the Spot. This episode also contains information on two new adventure releases one by Kobold Press and one by Dias Ex Machina Games.  We also discuss FREE Adventure League Certification for Extra Life Awards.  In addition, We review two blogs.  In the first we tell you about Unearthed Arcana content now being added to D&D Beyond. In the second, DM David talks about 3 Pieces of Dungeon Masters Gear I Love. Not to forget 8 rules interpretations from Jeremy Crawford on Twitter. The time is 44 minutes 44 seconds


Links in the Show Notes:

Shawn Merwin becomes Full Time freelance RPG designer.

B2: The Keep on the Borderlands.

Wrath of the River King for 5th Edition

A Fistful of Dragons (An Adventure by Dias Ex Machina)

Dungeons & Dragons Beyond YouTube Video:Jeremy Crawford on School of Invention, Circle of Spores and the Brute

In Ixalan Dinosaurs Fight Vampires

Extra Life Adventure League rewards Available

click here to download PLANE SHIFT: IXALAN

D&D Beyond YouTube Video: Divine and Arcane Magic

Click here to download the IXALAN adventure  X Marks the Spot


Fantasy Magic Item Cards: RPG Items for 5E

New Adventure LEague Adventures on the Dungeon Masters Guild:

DDIA-XGE Underworld Speculation

CCC-SFBay-02-01 Old Enemies Arise



D&D: Unearthed Arcana Comes to DND Beyond

DMDavid: 3 Pieces of Dungeon Masters Gear I Love and 1 Failed Experiment



Encounter RP

Dungeon Draw

lDwD&D#131 – All About Setting





Dreamation 2017

Winter Fantasy

Origins Game Fair



D&D 5E News Week 02 2018 - The Eclectic Mix - Dale Esterling/Dead Man’s Hand

January 10, 2018

This week is an eclectic mix.  First, this Episode I am joined by Dale Esterling Writer of Dead Man’s Hand a magicless authentic Old American West Campaign.  In addition, find out how soon Critical Role is starting.  Then, we find what is the Best Class for Multiclassing, how to Enhancing the Death and Resurrection Part of the Game and the Cure for Murder Hobos, How you can find the Statistics for Playable Races for Monsters Out of the Monster Manual  Plus, Three New Subclasses Released in Unearthed Arcana.  The Introduction to Power Gaming by Consensus project.  Also, 31 Rule clarifications by Jeremy Crawford from Twitter. Plus, Three New Adventure League Adventures and Three New Blogs That Are Good to Read


Links in the show notes:

Dead Man’s Hand an D&D 5th Edition Adventure Series for the Old American West is Released by BDT Press

New Critical Role Campaign Starts This Week


Unearthed Archana Releases Three SubClasses

Death and Resurrection D&D Beyond Youtube Video


D&D 5E News Week 01 2018 - Mike Mearls Exploration/Autism

January 3, 2018

This week we look into Exploration & Mike Mearls Latest Posts on it.  Also, we talk about the D&D Movie. D&D helping Autistic people is another topic.  In addition we talk about the Philly hipster D&D scene. We go on to cover two New Adventure League Titles on DM’s Guild (one is free), three kickstarters, a blog by  +MIke Shay, two podcasts one hosted by Shawn Mearls and Chris Slezak and two conventions in the south. I do this all in a little over 32 minutes.

Links in the Show notes:

How slaying dragons and rolling dice can help people with autism

More D&D Movie News

Why are Philly hipsters now all playing Dungeons & Dragons?

Mike Mearls Explores Making Exploration a More Exciting and Interesting Pillar of D&D Play

On 12/29/2017 he tweeted a second Exploration Guide Sheet for Witchlite Fens

Here's the Travel domain (focusing on exploration pillar)




Dungeons & Dragons 5E Location Module: Sylvanhome

Anthro-Adventures RPG Setting, Now for 5E & Pathfinder

Hunters Mark 5E Adventure Book: Hunt for Monstrous Dinosaurs


New Adventure League Titles on DM’s Guild:

DDAL00-03 Those That Came Before

Do not forget the free adventure we told you about last week: DDAL00-04 Winter's Flame



Sly Flourish Making Awesome Dungeons



DwD&D #129 – Lysa Chen

The Tome Show: Dragon Turtle! (Monstrous Ecologist 002)



Paradise City Comic Con


D&D 5E News Week 52 - FREE Stuff

December 27, 2017

At least 3 free things! Mike Mearls Ask Me Anything Update - Comments on Mystic/Ranger/Artificer/It is beginning to look alot like Eberron/Planescape/Subclasses.  How to get a new FREE Adventure League Adventure. How to get a FREE adventure league certification for 10 FREE downtime days. How to get FREE Tomb of Annihilation Tomb of Nine Gods Maps.  Also 24 FREE paper Medieval miniatures. Moreover, we cover a podcast with a magic item you may wish to use for your home campaign. Additionally, how to get your FREE Pocket Mimic: After Dark Compendium no.1. Furthermore, we tell you about four upcoming conventions.

DDAL00-04 Winter's Flame (5e) =New Free Adventure League Adventure

24 Free Mideavil Paper Miniatures from evandro novel

Free Toumb of the Nine Gods Maps for Toumb of Anihilation FREE in Dragon + Magazine

Free downtime days for Adventure League

Mike Mearls Gets Promotion

Robert Adducci Takes New Position

Update from Mike Mearls Ask Me Anything on Reddit



Sly Flourish: Letter to a New Dungeon Master


Compilation of Sage Advice Segments on the Dragon Talk Podcast