D&D 5E News Week 30 - Mystic Release, D&DAL Super Secret Project #76, How Much Can You Make From DMs Guild

July 26, 2017

This week we talk about what Jeremy Crawford said about the release of the Mystic, What we know about Adventure league’s Super Secret Project #76, How much you can make from the DM’s Guild.  D&D dominating best sellers in fantasy gaming.  Also Jeremy Crawford’s Rules clarifications from his Twitter feed. In addition, the top 20 retweeted DM tips of the past three years.


D&D 5E Dominating on

Amazon Best Sellers in Fantasy Gaming

More people are playing D&D online than ever before

An Update on DMs Guild Sales

Hasbro (HAS) Beats on Q2 Earnings, Revenues Lag Marginally

The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins




Befouled Maze of the Demi-Lich, 5e DnD Adventure Module

Manastorm: World of Shin'ar Campaign Setting

Marathon of Heroes - A 5E Adventure



The Angry DM: Hide and Seek Traps


Saying Farewell To The Adventure Zone


The First HASCON Puts The Toys In Your Hands


D&D 5E News Week 29 - D&D Beyond Announcement, Tomb of Annihilation: Wizkids Miniatures, DM Traits to Shine at a Convention

July 19, 2017

D&D Beyond Launches with Reasonable Prices & A Blogger’s Reaction to It, Sage Advice Episodes on Twitch & YouTube.  This Week DM David’s 3 Traits for For being a DM that Shines at Conventions, More Gencon information.  Kobold Press’ New 5E Products, Podcasts & 5e Blogs

D&D Beyond Launch & Pricing Details Announced

Sage Advice Episodes on Twitch & YouTube.

6/19/17 Sage Advice:  Philosophy behind Rules Adjudication

6/26/17 - Sage Advice: Magic Items

WizKids Announces New Pre-Painted Miniatures Line Consisting of Children Adventurers and Their Companions

Tomb of Annihilation: Wizkids Miniatures Set Preview

Enie Voting Open until July 21

From Sledging Tony Abbott To Loving Dungeons And Dragons: The Best Of Senator Scott Ludlam

New 5E Products

Prepared! One-Shot Adventures for 5th Edition (5e)

Available on Drive Through RPG

An other story about D&D helping kids: Therapists are now using ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ to talk to troubled kids

The Past, Present, and Future of Therapeutic RPGs | Wheelhouse Workshop at PAX East 2017


The Compendium of Wild Beasts


Down with D&D#107 – Expectations for Published Adventures

The Tome Show’s D&D Data #2: Traits of Good DMs

5e D&D Actual Play – Eberron: Heirs of Destiny 21


Game Master's Journey 164: Creating Campaigns


DM David: Three Traits that Good Dungeon Masters Need to Shine in Convention Games

Sly Flourish:Letting Go of Defined Encounters

What Do I Know?: D&D Beyond, Pricing, and a Glimpse at the Future



A story on Gencon from Indianapolis Business Journal Web Site

DFW Epicon coming up

HAZCON: You can get a My LIttle Pony D&D dice tin at  HAZCON!

There Aren't Enough Dice


Metagaming Moment Short Episode [E] - Don Bassingthwaite Frost Giant Fury #3 Comic Book

July 18, 2017

Welcome folks to Metagaming Moment yet another 5E Podcast.  This is short (40min.) podcast E on Frost Giant Fury #3 Comic Book.  This short is named after D&D novilist Don Bassingthwaite

Link To Frost Giant Fury #3 on IDW Site



D&D 5E News Week 28 - Grayhawk Initiative, Amonket, DM improvising skills, Player Slump, D&D Saves a Life, HASCON, New 5E Products, Tomb of Annihilation Clues

July 13, 2017

This Week we cover the New Setting derived from Magic the Gathering, “Amonket” & Where to get its free download, In a slump as a player we tell you about a blog that helps you with that, Roll 20’s work on Tomb of Annihilation, A podcast on how you can improve your DM improvising skills & New Podcast series about Role Playing in D&D and more.


From the D&D Web Site: Mike Mearls Greyhawk initiative

Mike Mearls AMA on reddit

D&D's Mike Mearls On New Initiative System, Bonus Actions and What Is "Broken" on Dungeon Life

Amonkhet New Setting Ported from Magic the Gathering

Adventure League announced DDAL06-03 Crypt of the Death Giants

How big's the RPG market?

Venatus Maps

July7 Roll20 Announced The Module Production team is and they have been hard at work getting Tomb of Annihilation adventure VTT ready!

HASCON coming soon

Mindarie psychologist using Dungeons & Dragons in treatment of teens

How ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Saved My Life

New 5e Products

Ebonclad - A Thieves' Guild Setting & Adventures

HASCON coming soon

Darkness Surges - The Second Asatania Campaign Arc for 5E

On kickstarter

Dark Obelisk: Druid Enclave (Pathfinder/5E RPG City Setting)

Other Podcasts

Embracing Low Stats (Performance Check 001)

Table Top Babble: The OSR

Game Master's Journey 163: Magic in Your World


Kobold Press: Terrors of the Dragon Empire: Dracotaur

Power Score:Dungwons & Dragons - Tomb of Annihilation Clues and Hints

Bias Bill: Player Hitting a Slump


Coins and Scrolls Blog 1d100 Peasant


Rat Kings NOW! Site

Last Flickering Lite on DM’s Guild


HASCON coming soon

CharCon Coming U

10’+1 – Tomb of the Serpent Kings

Coins & Scrolls blog

Tomb of Serpent Kings

Power Score:Dungeons & Dragons - Tomb of Annihilation Clues and Hints

Gen Con 4-day badges sold out; single-day admission sellout expected


D&D 5E News Week 27 - Bringing Back All D&D Settings,Free Rat Queens Adventure Module

July 5, 2017

Bringing Back All D&D Settings, More Tomb of Annihilation, A Devious Trap, Where to get a Rat Queen’s Adventure module to Run and the Rat Queen’s Character sheets.

This episode includes information how you can get more information and background on Tomb of Annihilation


Dragon+ issue 14 is Out



Heroes Wear Masks, 5e D&D Version

From Cubicle 7: Rhovanion Region Guide for Adventures in Middle-earth is available for pre-order now

The Crypt of the Death Giants

D&D in the Arts

The Best On Screen Depictions of Dungeons and Dragons



Saga World Builder: Modular tiles for tabletop and D&D games

Article on it: Saga World Builder Is a New Opportunity for Imaginative Role-Play

HELLSCAPES: Post Apocalyptic Survival for DnD 5e

The Folio #15, 1E/5E Format Adventure Module


More D&D Library Info

Reading Library website’s D&D Club FOR teens Page

Trash Mob Games on Drive Through Rpgs- paper miniatures Fantasy paper minis for all your tabletop gaming needs! PDFs can be purchased from DriveThruRPG. Contact Me: trashmobboss(at)gmail(dot)com


Kobold Press’ Trapmaster: Courage Triumphant

Merric's Musings: The Joys and Horrors of Passive Perception



Game Master's Journey 161: Factions & Organizations

Game Master's Journey 162: Art & Cartography in RPGs with Mike Schley

DwD&D#106 – AP and Storytelling Podcasts

World Builder Blog

Venture Maidens

The Tome Show All About Clerics! (Tome 284)


Wizards of the Coast has declared a list of titles Out-of-Print. Returns for these titles must be received by January 10, 2018.



D&D 5E News Week 26 - More Tome of Beasts 2, Les Foster, DEXCon Dan Haas Dimgaard, PAX Unplugged

June 28, 2017

This week we talk more about Tome of Beasts, I am Joined by Baldman Games' Head Marshal and DEX Con & PAX Unplugged D&D Adventure Leage Producer Les Foster & Dan Haas prolific adventure writer most known for his Dimguard kickstarters.  We talk about Tome of Beasts 2, Sly Flouris' Blog. Gaming inclusivity, Shy Players, DexCON & PAX Unplugged.

Show notes and links:

Ten Foot Pole Blog:I bought this stuff and read it so you don't have to.

Dan Hass Dimgaard Series on Patreon

More on Tome of Beasts 2

Mr. Wolfgang Baur was on Dragon talk Posted 22 June 2017 about Tome of Beasts 2

Geek Dad begins a recent article,”‘Dungeons & Dragons’: Adventures in 5th Edition”,

Baldman games Heralds Guild’s plans for GenCON

Baldman Games Needs DMs for GenCON

New Movie, I kill Giants, in Production that D&D plays major Role

New 5E Products

WizKids Announces New Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation Product Lines – Coming Soon!

THe Fifth Instalment of Frog God Games perilous Vistas Series, Icebound, is in the Works

Wiz Kids already has a Icons of the Realms, Tomb of Annihilation Page up highlighting the new minis and case incentive set.



EN World’ Article, New Releases In Stores This Week : 19th June 2017

5th Edition Adventures: A5 The Shattered Horn

Available on Amazon


Sly Flourish / Instant NPCs for Fifth Edition D&D

Power Score: Dungeons & Dragons - Running City Adventures

Kobold Press / Lumeran River Scout: A Background

Harbinger of Doom/Brandes Stoddard: Initiative Rules, and How to Pick a Fight

NERDARCHY: Diversity in Dungeons & Dragons

Bias Bill / Shy Players


New 5E Products

Character Folios Dungeons & Dragons Accessory By UltraPro


Dungeon of Doom: Handcrafted Game Terrain by Dwarven Forge

Schleyscapes; An RPG Adventure Series

The Folio #15, 1E/5E Format Adventure Module

Art of the Grene website

Breath of Gorr: Complete Tabletop D&D5E & Pathfinder Module!

Encounter Roll Playing website

The Lost Citadel — Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Roleplaying

DexCON 20


Down with D&D#105 – Investigation v Perception

Advantage to Insight – Episode 35: First Anniversary

Stream of Annihilation Round Up (Round Table 155)

Table Top Babble 026 - Season 7 of the D&D Adventurers League

DMs Deep Dive Episode 6 with Tom Lommel aka Bill Cavalier

Path of Leegends Episode 5 - Adventure Path - DM ADVICE #1

The Evil DM


D&D 5E News Week 25 - Tome of Beasts 2

June 22, 2017

This week I am Joined on phone by Lords of Tyr Chad Sutton and Ten foot Pole.org site’s Bryce Lynch.  At the beginning it is hard to hear Chad untill I turn off the oscillating fan. So I will tell you basicly what he was saying.  He is talking about a game he runs for his son and his friends. His son has a goat herd. Also, an adult blue dragon attacks Chad son’s party, and keeps attacking until turned back by a massive or critical hit or the dragon reaches half hit points. The young 8 year old turns the dragon with his paladin.


Show Notes and Links

Down with D&D where Tomb of Beasts 2 is confirmed at 44:00 minute mark.

Twitch to buy D&D Beyond Developer Curse

Twitch site:Say hi to Curse

Business Insider: Amazon just bought another video-game company.

Not your father’s Dungeons & Dragons: How role-playing games give people courage to try new things

DM Quests for Tales from the Yawning Portal

FBI investigated a group of Dungeons and Dragons players as part of the Unabomber case

D&D Creator Gary Gygax's FBI Records Make Him Sound Like a Badass


Other Podcasts:

Down With D&D Origins Recap

Wilderland Adventures Review (Tome 283)

Ego Check with The Id DM – Episode 16 – Katrina Ostrander


Writing a Better Homebrew Campaign: Different Ways to Tell Your Story

Ten Foot Pole reviews Against the Goblins


Ten Foot Pole reviws Trouble in Waterdeep

Trouble in Waterdeep in Dragon+


One Shot Compendium

By Arbitrary Games


Roll 20 Con Saturday 24 June & Sunday 25 June

Mike Mearls Tweet:

Dex Con 20in Morristown NJ