Metagaming Moments

5E News for Week 27 of 2019- Sidekick Rules Update, Chwingas Spoilers, Gnome Flayers Announcement & More on Abysmal Chickens

July 2, 2019

#DnD5E News = We look at Christian Hoffer’s (@CHofferCBus ) break down of the sidekick rules. Furthermore, news about the return of Gnome Flayers and Chwingas Spoiler. Also, a video discussing, with full color renderings, the  Abysmal Chickens with @ChrisPerkinsDnD . Plus table top D&D5E adaptation of Mass Effect video game. Also included is a report on Critical Role at San Diego ComicCon. Plus, DM Dalliance ( @JustThinkingKay  ) gives you tips on growing and foraging plants and rating potions to deal with disease and plagues. Time= 30 min 47 sec