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5E News for Week 29 of 2019- New Destination Event #VotePipyap

July 16, 2019

#DnD5E News First find out about the new Adventure League destination event #VotePipyap.  Find out what Satine Phoenix’s latest adventure and kickstarter is. Moreover, a new DMs Guild offering The Complete Devout Handbook.  Furthermore, Kobold Press’ latest 5e News. Also, comic book information for Critters. Plus, new Folio kickstarter by Scott Taylor. Continuing, Kobold Press’ Creature Codex ENnie news. Moreover, we give you a tip on fighting Mind Flayers. Time 51 min. & 7 sec.


Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins II #1 Review: Capturing the Spirit of the Beloved D&D Web Series

This Unlikely Dungeons & Dragons Monster is a God-Maker

Dungeons & Dragons Supplement Provides Comprehensive Rules for Animal NPCs and Companions

Midgard Heroes Handbook Now on Roll20


    kickstarter: Dungeon Craft: Build your own battle maps!


Enjoy Some New Options for Certain D&D Classes in THE COMPLETE DEVOUT HANDBOOK

    Click here to go to The Complete Devout Handbook on the DMs Guild

Get mind flayed with an adventurous first look at guide to the monsters of D&D

Kickstarter Spotlight: Destination Fantastic! follows Dungeon Masters Satine Phoenix & Stefan Pokorny to the edges of the world


    Hell Creek Campground Hell, Michigan

    Vote #Pipyap Events Page


New Adventure League Adventures on the DMs Guild:

CCC-BWM-04-01 Thralls of Zuggtmoy: The Myconic Nidus

CCC-QCC2019-01 Hillsfar's Rancid Webs

CCC-QCC2019-02 Hag of Tricks

CCC-QCC2019-03 The Scarlet Divide


Folio #23 The Machine's Madness!

Creature Feature Quarterly Vol. 5 (5e compatible)

Magimundi Bestiary: New Monsters for 5e or Pathfinder

The Dragon's Garden and 49 Other Forest Encounters



(5e) The Tower of Tharikthiril

Free and Pay-What-You-Want 5e DMs Guild Highlights: Week Ending 7.13.19

Sharpshooters Are the Worst Thing in D&D, but That Speaks Well of Fifth Edition


DwDnD – Mike Shea and Fantastic Adventures: Ruins of the Grendleroot