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D&D 5E News Week 01 - Great New D&D Humble Bundle/ Mearl’s on Adventure Art

January 2, 2019

#DnD5E News: There is a humble bundle with a package worth $446.

Plus, Matt Mercer states how player's should not blame their DM’s for not being as entertaining as he is and tells them and it’s THEIR responsibility to bring to the table what facet they want to see in it.  Also, a Story of the resurgence of D&D in Spokane Washington's Inland Northwest. Also again, find out what four new languages D&D is now being published in. In addition, we look at an other +Bryce Lynch Review, this time its an Eberron adventure. Moreover,  we tip you off about a blog on using the help action to make you a better tactician.Finally , the time is 34 minutes and 42 seconds.


Mearls on RPG Art

'Critical Role': Matthew Mercer Gives Heartfelt Message to 'Dungeons & Dragons' DM

The unlikely resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons makes its way to the Inland Northwest

The Great Midwinter Cookie Exchange

D&D REleased in FOur More Languages

Cubical 7 Has Released 5E Compatible Adventures in Middle-earth - Bree-land Region Guide

Med Students Craft Terrifying Diseases for 'Dungeons & Dragons'

Humble has another D&D bundle with over $446 worth of PDFs available.



Into the Wyrd and Wild

Monsters & Magic: 100+ New Creatures and Items for 5e


New Adventure League Adventures on the DMs Guild:

CCC-JGD-01 Left Black and Blue: A Red War Story

CCC-APL-01-01 It's Not Easy Being Gene

CCC-TRI-11 Flooded Dreams

CCC-TRI-12 Ill Met in Ylraphon

CCC-TRI-13 What Lies beneath Ylraphon

DDAL-ELW10 The Killing Blade

DDAL-ELW11 Secrets Below




5E Adventure Review: A Wrinkle in the Weave

How to Use the Help Action in D&D 5e

(5e) The Mad Mage of Xen’drik

A Dungeons & Dragons Summoning Spell Reference






Waterdeep Dragon Heist (Tome 311)

DwDnD#173 – Player Contributions