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D&D 5E News Week 03 - Updated Artificer/Sidekick Changes

January 16, 2019

#DnD5E News There was a pair of tweets lately.  The first, is the D&D team put out the artificer will be the next unearthed arcana in February.  The second, Jeremy Crawford is thinking of changing the sidekick rules. Also, there is a look at Skill Challenges in your Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons game. Plus how D&D 5E is doing on Fantasy Grounds Digital Tabletop. Plus we point you to a blog on how to write fun encounters dealing with insurmountable foes. Furthermore, there is information on a blog and podcast on running puzzles in adventures. Furthermore, you find out about the 40 year old D&D tournament sponsored by National Association of Crazed Gamers at GENCON. Moreover, if you are thinking of running The Dungeon of the Mad Mage we enlighten you about a couple resources that you may want to read or listen to before running or playing the mega-dungeon. Finally the podcast takes about 20 minutes.



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