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D&D 5E News Week 52 - Cheap D&D Hardbacks/New AL Live Play

December 25, 2018

#DnD5E News has some great stories.  First, Geektyrant Site claims you can get Waterdeep Dragon Heist for $13.98 and similar deals on D&D Hardbacks on Amazon NOW!  Additionally, I discuss  Fistful of Platinum a new Live Play from Adventure League. There is also, an update on the The Streets of Avalon kickstarter. Moreover, there is an Origins update.  Next, D&D wins another award. Also, Find out about a new Hell based adventure setting kickstarter. Moreover, we cover +Mike Shea ‘s latest blog on adventure hooks.  Plus, the benefits of befriending in game monsters. What is more, you are informed about two podcasts on Urban/City-Based adventures.



In Which We Talk About… Fistful of Platinum

Now is the Perfect Time to Get DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Books

Winter Fantasy News

Winter Fantasy Event Grid

In Which We Talk About… Fistful of Platinum   

    The core information about Fist Full of Platinum is over on imgur


'Dungeons & Dragons' Players Should Try Befriending Monsters


New Adventures on Adventure League:

CCC-BMG MOON 1-1 Moonshae Treasure Hunt

CCC - ELF - 001 Life's a Party



The Streets of Avalon

Monsters & Magic: 100+ New Creatures and Items for 5e



Adventure Hooks


Down With DnD #172 – Urban Adventures

Ravnica (Round Table 163)

DM's Deep Dive Episode 21 Live Tuesday December 11th!