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D&D 5E News Week 6 - New D&D 5E Product on Amazon/New Rules Compendium

February 6, 2019

#DnD5E News This week we announce the new Rules Compendium posted by +Jeremy Crawford. In addition Amazon has a new product listed to be released Tuesday 1 October 2019! In addition, how to get started in D&D for less than $10.00. Moreover, +Bryce Lynch reviews an other 5E adventure. Moreover there is a celebrity D&D game with WIlliam Shatner on an upcoming episode of Big Bang Theory.  Plus +DM David clues us in how to build super buffing characters. Finally this clocks in in just under 48 minutes.


New D&D Product listed on Amazon: Dungeons and Dragons Bestiary Notebook Set: 8 Mini Notebooks Diary

Get Started With 'Dungeons & Dragons' for Less Than $10


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The Folio: Digital Quarterly #4 1E/5E adventure module!

Love's Labour's Liberated - A 5e RPG Zine

Delayed Blast Gamemaster #1

The Tome of Magical Mystery (5E Compatible)


New Adventures on DMs Guild:

CCC-BMG-43 PHLAN 4-1 Ghoulies and Ghosties

CCC-BMG-44 PHLAN 4-2 Long Leggity Beasties

CCC-BMG-45 PHLAN 4-3 Things That Go Bump in the Night

CCC-OHAYOCON-01-03 Friendly Competition

DDAL08-11 Poisoned Words

DDAL08-12 Xanathar's Wrath

CCC-OCC-02 Feast of the Moon




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