Metagaming Moments

Metagaming Moments CII, Origins Report 2 Interview With Amy Dzura

June 14, 2019

Who would not like to hear more wonderful wisdom from Amy Dzura ( @msdzra

) our wonderful an esteemed @DnD_AdvLeague Community Organizer. I caught up eith her at Origins game fair where she was workign She chats with me about her locsl gaming, Origins & being an community organizer. Listen you will b pleased. #DnD5E #Origins #Adventure League It was fun to see her and talk to her in general. At first I called her by the wrong name and she corrected me. I was very embarrassed but she was very gracious about it. We chatted a fair amount and I found her smart, informed and generally fun to talked to. Hope you enjoy this too.




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Origins Game Fair