Metagaming Moments LXV - Eberron Groups 7 - Religions 3

January 29, 2019

This is Another episode of #DnD5E #Eberron information.  In this episode I review more groups organizations and clans of Eberron. This episode will focus on Silver Flame and  the Warforge faiths. The time is 10 and a half minutes.


Metagaming Moments LXIII - Eberron Groups 6 - Religions 2

January 24, 2019

#DnD5E #Eberron In this episode we look at the Dark Six and the Cults of the Dragons Below.  This is a continuation of the the groups, organizations and clans series. Focusing on the religions. Finally it takes a little over 20 minutes.


Metagaming Moments LXII - Sharn 7

January 18, 2019

#DnD5E #Eberron In this Podcast we continue the Countries, Territories and lands series.  We explore the Skyway and City of the Dead areas of Sharn this episode. This should wrap up our exploration and description of Sharn the city of towers.  Finally it is short at about 13½ minutes.


D&D 5E News Week 03 - Updated Artificer/Sidekick Changes

January 16, 2019

#DnD5E News There was a pair of tweets lately.  The first, is the D&D team put out the artificer will be the next unearthed arcana in February.  The second, Jeremy Crawford is thinking of changing the sidekick rules. Also, there is a look at Skill Challenges in your Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons game. Plus how D&D 5E is doing on Fantasy Grounds Digital Tabletop. Plus we point you to a blog on how to write fun encounters dealing with insurmountable foes. Furthermore, there is information on a blog and podcast on running puzzles in adventures. Furthermore, you find out about the 40 year old D&D tournament sponsored by National Association of Crazed Gamers at GENCON. Moreover, if you are thinking of running The Dungeon of the Mad Mage we enlighten you about a couple resources that you may want to read or listen to before running or playing the mega-dungeon. Finally the podcast takes about 20 minutes.



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Metagaming Moments LXI - Eberron Religions Part1

January 13, 2019

#DnD5E In this podcast the religions of Eberron are discussed.  Specifically in this episode we look at the Sovereign Host. In addition it is just short of 15 minutes.


Metagaming Moments LX- Eberron Dungeons & Dragons: Infestation II #1

January 10, 2019

#DnD5E #InfestationII In this episode we review an Eberron comic book so you can see if it worth reading to get more immersed into the World of Eberron and the city of Sharn. I am joined by my comics expert Rob Jazo.



Dungeons & Dragons: Infestation II #1

Paul Crilley

Valerio Schiti


Hero Twice a Month



D&D 5E News Week 02 - New D&D Book on Seafaring & Boats

January 8, 2019

#DnD5E News this week brings you the one product that is scheduled and announced for 2019.  Following is information from Soilers and Swag with leaks from Kate Welch and Nathan. Next, There is what James Haeck of D&D Beyond claims “What Might Be Next for D&D in 2019.”  In addition, there is information on a new actual play video series featuring Disney princesses. Plus, Infinium Game Studio 2019 Plans. Yet there is more, particulars on Scarred Lands Creature Collection from Handiwork Games. Plus, we have new kickstarters including a new trap collection. To finish, this one lasts36 minutes and 39 seconds.


Spoilers & Swag with Kate and Nathan

'Dungeons & Dragons' First 2019 Book Will Have Nautical Themes

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Disney Princesses Play 'Dungeons & Dragons' in Delightful Video Short

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Metagaming Moments LIX - Sharn 6

January 6, 2019

The next in the Part of Countries, Territories and lands series.  This is our look at Sharn the city of towers. We have worked out way up from the cogs and are now covering the upper plateau of Sharn. We discuss The Gray House, the vampire house, Drunken Dragon, a tavern to find adventures and the Art Temple in the university district. To end it is just short of 43 minutes long.